Challenges ahead

We are at the final stretch. What do we expect until the end of the program? A finished working prototype A perfect pitch presentation A lot of fun What do we expect after? A stratospheric flight A lot of opportunities to continue developing in the space sector A lot of fun 🙂 Keep your fingers […]

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Prototype II: The making of

This is not a story of an intense and fearsome battle of life and death. (unlike last time). This is a story of motivation, dedication, and a lot of work. It is the last week in which we work on our prototype. Everything must be ready on Sunday. A 72-hour test of all systems follows […]

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Day 50. They’re filming us!

Today is day number 50. We still have many things to do: assemble the prototype, make some measurements and tests. We’ve got our Scenedesmus bacteria which replaces the cyanobacteria for the purposes of our prototype and are now measuring how much the CO2 level drops when the Scenedesmus is put in different conditions. Working at […]

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Presentations & Work

Long time no see, friends of the NSS team 7 🙂 It’s 2am on a Thursday night, we’re alone in the office at Betahaus, trying to figure out how to test each and every part of our prototype. (One test will be of the pressure: ) A quick recap of what happened the last few […]

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Prototype I: The making of

Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump, like a drum roll goes the heart. Thump thump thump thump, a fast and nervous beating, like a caveman’s at the sight of a yellow-black spot lurking in the bushes, the heavy stomp-stomp-stomp of blood in your ears at the moment of imminent danger. A clear mind, sharpened […]

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GNSS Workshop Recap

>> Abbreviations and definitions. GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System EGNOS – European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service, ESA augmentation system >> Notes. Remember the GPS receiver is only a receiver; if you want to receive the data – design a communication system. A website for GPS receivers. The software to follow the receiver. In the […]

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